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Upcoming show

Date: September 28th, 2019 


MARK YOUR CALENDER'S!!   FutureScope is taking their great work to the Mount Vernon Library! Convention date is on a Saturday,  September 23!!  The convention will have over 225 vendor tables, jam packed with all vintage and current pop culture collectibles. And FutureScope will be right there in the mix with great books,  fantastic art and fun games at our booth for all!!!

Included  will be tons of free family entertainment.  Check our Facebook page for details!!  


Check out FutureScope Product A ultra comic con!

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Bonz Art-Impact(Smoking Cigarrete)-Penci

Books/comics/Graphic novels

The Devil and The Miracle Kid

FutureScope Comics is about to release their new, anthology title, “Futurescope Showcase: The Devil and the Miracle Kid“, slated for re- release in the Winter of 2018.


First up: "Street Journal:  The Lead up!" 


This story has always been a fan favorite within the independent circuit and the MAS(MASMeansMore)-FutureScope ranks,  but the question is,  what lead up to the first issue? Well,  here you get your opportunity to find out, as we give you a upfront look at what exactly happened before the story arch began. Trust me on this,  you will be floored by  the answer!


Second is:  “The Devil and the Miracle Kid”.


Told in prose form, combined with full colored, art images, this tale tells the story of a young, championship, lightweight boxer named Ray “The Miracle Kid” Ruiz whose golden heart puts him head long in a battle against old red eyes himself, aka, Satan! The question is, who will be left standing once the final bell rings?


Last but certainly not least: "Celestine" 


This is a  eight-page story spotlighting our female Heroine, “Celestine.” Celestine is the direct descendant of one of the original three Council members, whom all consisted of women. The daughter of Verus, she is bred to be the primary assassin in “The Council’s army.” And she's taking her bounty in blood! High action and sharp character development, this book is sure to be worth the purchase.







Sale on"Official" Futurescope Comic Art

Art Size(11 x 17





FutureScope Comics and Entertainment 

Date: update will be provide when next show is booked. 

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