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Exclusive: Great artist On the Move-The Uncanny Dody Eka

Fact! Dody Eka is not your average artist! In fact, you probably had seen his work and had not even known it. Whether it be Dody capturing the strong, patriarchal stance of Captain Danger or the Dazzle of Tree Frog Comic’s, super powered heroine, Starlex or the action-packed images of Advents Comics’, Champions of Hope, Dody has planted his flag in the various independent comic book circuits! Even his visual depiction of Advent Comic’s Outcast braking out of a cement wall in all his fury, visually grips the reader in a way which plays like something out of your favorite action film! But Dody’s emergence into the comic world was not easy. Coupled with hard work and perseverance, Dody Eka has become one of the most note-worthy independent artist of his time. FutureScope Comics gives you a look into the comic industry through the eyes of one of its most dynamic artist!

Introducing, The Uncanny, Dody Eka!

Our story begins in the sun drenched part of the Philippines, in the far off, booming city of Jakarta, Indonesia (sorry, NY doesn’t get it this time, he, he). Located on the northwest coast of Java, Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political hot spot with a population of 10,187,595, and growing! In fact, for the South East Asia region, it is one of the top cities, fast-paced and always shifting towards worldly influences, primarily in its art. In-spite of this, Dody got into drawing somewhat late(of course that is in retrospection to the average age most young, up and coming artist begin honing their talents). He began exactly 20 years ago! “He tells us, with a smile, “Damn, I think I’m getting old! Lol” and, with flair and distinction, takes us deeper into just what made the comic world such a great platform for him to follow his dream.

“I started drawing since I was 11. I just love watching cartoons, seeing

heroes, reading comics.Then I started to draw them and I loved it! I really enjoy and understand comics, maybe when I was in high school. The book was Spiderman. I remember it was drawn by McFarlane! I loved the way he make Spiderman move. It just was like wooww! But I really took part in this industry may be 3 years ago.”

Dody Eka is 31 now! That, for anyone who is keeping count is at least a ten year stretch to the finish line, a push coupled with hard work and dedication. Much like all great artist, that hunger usually is sparked by one thing, one moment (or company) that pushes the artist forward. This happened for Dody while working under, none other than, the independent mega-force, Advent Comics.

“The book title is “Pandemonium: Of Evil Incarnate by Advent Comics.” The book is about heroes, angels and demons, maybe like Hell blazer meets JLA, something like that.“

But all great creators have their share of victories as well as set backs. Dody shared one of his greatest moments and setbacks with us, giving us an insight into one of the many victories and obstacle faced when working in the industry.

“My best experience is the book really published globally and the responses were great! And the worst experience is after doing 24 pages, the book never got published!” But that never stopped him in the least! He continued to draw! He continued to push himself beyond his artistic limits without hesitance until reaching his goal!

Now, at this point, Dody has amassed a slew of freelance jobs and worked for some pretty major independent comic book titles,some of which include Advent Comics and Zenescope Entertainment just to name a few, and now Future Scope is added to that illustrious list.

So what was the next step in Dody’s life? This is where B.A.D Boom Art Department comes in. B.A.D is a publishing company which scouts out freelance artist to other comic company’s worldwide. Owned by Justin Boom, B.A.D. Boom Art Department serves both clients as well as artists, standing behind a catch phrase which says, and I quote “… B.A.D. Never Looked So Good!!!” And let me tell you, Dody Eka is in good company. Artist on B.A.D.’s roster include Jessie Wichmann(Wonderland #3C , Thief of Hearts), Keu Chi(WitchBlade,Twilight Guardian), Alfredo Reyas(Grimm Fairy Tales, Salem’s Daughter: The Haunting), Martin Montiel(The Theater, No Enemy but Peace: a comic about a soldiers firsthand account in the Persian Gulf War), and Dody Eka, (Pandemonium, Volt, Zion 3). B.A.D. Boom Art Department also includes the coloring team of Vinz el tabanas, with Marlon Teunissen, Socrates Gucor and Caravan Studios. Now that is serious!

Dody doesn’t leave us high and dry there. He tells us a little more about his work with B.A.D, how it all began and what project he has in the works to be distributed by B.A.D. “B.A.D represent me to some other clients and publishers. They arrange some contracts, financial management and stuff like that. My role on B.A.D, I’m just an ordinary artist who tries to struggle and survive in this industry. I have worked for some Indy publisher, such as, Advent Comics, 2nd Coming Comics, Dead Bride Comics, Amandla Comics and Idea Engine Production!

…I just finished creating art for Idea Engine Production, the book is called “ArmadaX #1″ It’s a

great book created by Michael Sarrao! If you like mystery things like X files, I’m sure you will like this book! Oww, and it’s already promoted on YouTube too, the key words is “Armada X trailer 2013.” You can check it out!! For release date, you can ask for Michael Sarrao from Idea Engine Production…

…Me and B.A.D (Boom Art Department) are working together. Richard Boom leads B.A.D. and he’s my agent. Me and B.A.D. are doing something soon! Just wait and see!”

But there is even more to this artist than just the art itself. As much as he enjoys independent work, his ultimate crowning achievement would be to work with Marvel! And being a little bit of a fan boy himself, Dody let us in on who his favorite characters are, what books he would like to work on, as well as whose writing and art he personally enjoys the most.

“I have lots of favorite artist, such as, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Ivan Reis, Alex Ross, Greg Capullo, Leinil Yu, Ardian Syaf and lots of them. For the writers, I love Geoff Johns, Frank Miller, Gail Simone and lots of them. My favorite project character I would like to work on, maybe Silver Surfer,The Flash and Green Lantern! I love drawing space, aliens and speedster heroes! It’s my dream or part of it. I hope it happens someday! Those publishers are awesome; they help me develop the way I draw till now.”

Dody’s love of Marvel/DC Art and Comics overall extends beyond the comic books, but to

collectibles as well. We were surprised to know just what Dody had in his collectible, stash box!!!

“I collect several action figures, like Transformers figures, McFarlane toys, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, but mostly from DC characters and Gun Dam model kit! For the books, I collect any comic books! I love reading comics!”

Easy going, Dody doesn’t mind rolling with the punches, (Future Scope style of course). So I decided to ask him a question that veered slightly away from the comic realm, and into the more casual persona of one Dody Eka. Future Scope Comics asked him this. “If you could hang with any three ladies, who would they be!”

“If I could hang with three ladies in entertainment! Hmm, first, I think I will hang with Amy Adams! I think she’s a fun and cheerful woman, can make me laugh and smile all the time. The second is Natalie Portman, because she’s not only beautiful, but also has smart brain, it’s like you can talk about anything in this life with her. The third one is Scarlett Johansson, well you know, she’s totally sexy lady and I think she can protect me from any threat! Lol.”

Continuing this fun, off-beat line of questioning going, I continued with another zany one. I asked, “If you were a superhero, which power would you like?” I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what answer he would deliver!

“If I could have any super power, I think I wanna be a speedster! I want to burn my calories 10 times faster than normal man, plus go anywhere I want in a sec! Is that cool or what!”

And for all the fans and starving artist, who think that the craft is too tough, that if you can’t draw as much as a stick figure you are doomed to flip burgers at Burger King (even though they do make good burgers), Well, don’t fret! I had one last question up my sleeve. The question was, “Can art be taught!?” Dody had these final words of encouragement to say?

“Yeah, art can be taught. I’m still learning till now and try to make better and better every time I draw, I never stop learning!! For all younger creators and artists, keep practicing, never stop trying, never stop fighting, never give up, never surrender for what you believing. Thank you guys for this interview!

So there you have it; an in-depth look at one Dody Eka! So what is he doing now! Well, among many other great projects, he is currently doing pages for a book created/written by yours truly, released under the Future Scope banner! I can’t tell ya much about it except it’s going to be huge!

And is slated for release April 6th(you can keep up with future developments for “Zion 3″ on the FutureScope Comics Facebook sight or like The FS: Showcase Fan Page and join in the action today!) One thing is certain! Dody will not disappoint and neither will Future Scope.

Catch all you fans and readers for the next Future Scope Exclusive!! FutureScope signing out.

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