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Samuel Vera brings "Catch Da Crazee" Podcast back, and it's better than ever!!!

Catch the Crazee has returned like a bolt of lightning into the comic book industry and onto the podcast scene!!!

If you are familiar with the independent comic circuit, then you know Sam “The Craze Man” Vera! Come one. You heard of him. He’s the quick thinking, sharp witted, media madman who infused his energy and creativity together at a fever pitch, and, in the process brought "the fire" to any comic book and podcast platform…and made a definitive mark!

And now, “heee'sss baaaack”!! And stronger, and sharper than ever!

For a moment, this dynamic creator went on a little bit of a hiatus, trying to focus himself more on the business of creating comics, itself, defining his creative voice, building on his marketings and skills and overall craft.

Now, I am sure you know him for his highly anticipated, comedic, graphic novel adventure, “There’s an Alien in my toilet.” This was a comic spoof off the tradition alien invasion story. The premise centers around our wood be, intergalactic hero, ”Doodie”, who crash lands on earth(cause he ran out of gas,literally), and, in his own egotistical malevolence, places himself into a host of mad cap, side splitting, hilarious adventures that will keep you pinned to the pages! This, along with other various projects Sam has created, such as Forbidden, Cosmic Wars, and the spoof of that title, “Cosmic Gorf,” has made its way into the independant comic mix. Coincidently, the grahic novel, Comic Gorf centers around the main character of “Cosmic Wars,” Cosmic Gorf, himself!

But Sam “The Crazee Man “Vera,(that’s with two ee’s), decided to up the ante, pre, his return, by vastly revamping his previous podcast platform. He has now represented to the world! This cool podcast show is called, “CATCH THE CRAZEE” podcast. And this show rocks! It has it all. Great, hilarious skits, hot topics, cool, official, catch the craze fashion and fantastic, one of a kind segments, such as…

Jorge Medina’s, “Get your Meds.”

(List more here) to name just a few!

Coupled with this great guest, who includes:

Anibal Arroyo, Lucas Culshaw, G. E Gallas, Shawn Daley, Eric Hutchison..and more!

And you get the full experieince. Each week the show is done live, airing on Thursday or Friday. This allows you, the fan to respond and call in to the show, interact with the host and guest as it is happening!



I would subjust not missing one more episode!Don't miss out on the fun!

Just click this link here, and it will take you right too the place where all the shows are catalouged. It’s that easy!

Web-link here:

And don’t forget to subscribe, as you do not want to miss not a one of these groundbreaking podcasts.

Well, this is Jonathan “The Psycho” Syphax, writing his segment for "Catch the Crazee" podcast! Look for more developments in the days to come!

Web-link here:

And to quote my big bros, Sam “The Man” Vera and Jorge “The Dreamer” Median!



I’M OUT!!!!!!

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