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Welcome to Syphax Entertianment Comics, where you, the fan and the reader are launched all things FutureScope!​​

This NEW, independent comic company is lead by Jonathan Syphax (creator of the MAS fleet line, Graphic novel, "Street Journal"). FutureScope Comics properties will be headlined by some of the very best artists, writers and creators in the independent comic book business, a few of which have worked for various main stream and top comic companies!


This juggernaut of creators/artists includes: 


​Brian Balondo and Dody Eka on pencils, Don Mark Noche on inks, Lancelot Cantan and Angel RD (colors) and another dynamic artist new on the scene, Rob Toal just to name a few, along with some promo pages and sequential pages by Marvel Artist, Raymund Bermudez!

Now that is serious!

So get ready for an overall wave of dynamic and action packed form of storytelling!


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