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Jonathan Presents-FS Showcase: Zion 3 Vs Bloodlust: Bloodlines!

FUTURESCOPE COMICS will be delivering on its promise!

FUTURESCOPE COMICS goes all out in this action-packed, slug fest of a Battle Royal!

“FS Showcase Vs. Series: Bloodlust vs. Zion 3: Vol # 1-Bloodlines: :


Ever since fans have seen the first, preliminary sketches of Future Scopes Comics top draw, sociopath, bad guy, Bloodlust, they have been hooked!

Each fan will be biting at the bit to see this hired assassin to (saying it bluntly),


This comic would be the first installment in a series of books we, at FutureScope Comics, call "The Battle Books Series." This is where we pit some of your favorite

hero of the FutureScope world against some of nastiest bad guys on the FutureScope roster through a sequence of action-packed, battles, the likes of which few will see anywhere else in the independent comic circuit!

Now, if this seems like a big deal, it is!

Artist extraordinaire, Dody Eke, will once again deliver the artistic goods. He will be doing the pencils on the entire book! The page layouts are going to be breathtaking, showcasing some of his best work in the FutureScope camp! Take my word on this, the art promises to be amazing!

To see more of his work and various FutureScope Comic work, click the two links below, which shows some of his phenomenal past work!

​“This is a very ambitious goal. We are trying to deliver action and visual excellence close to par, if not on par with some of the top artist in the independent field and beyond! I mean, you have four killers in an enclosed space, all looking bad as hell and none of them are going to let up! It’s going to be Crazy!"

But let us give you a little backgrounds, bio info on the individuals stepping into this fray!

Are a group of actual tattoo artist turned marks men for the intergalactic group called "The Council." These three are given the task to take out one blood thirsty mercenary, Blood lust! But killing this guy is going to be harder than they think, because they are doing it on his home turf, the unrelenting jungles of Cambodia!

Ra: Is the ax wielding leader of the Zion 3. With his teammates, Wraith who wields a futuristic, shot gun blazing, trigger man, and Lady Havoc, a club wielding combat and tactical specialist are hell bent on taking down their "objective," the blood thirsty killer; Bloodlust! You are sure to see some bones break and some serious butt-whoop-ins getting served on both ends!

Bloodlust: Is a special-units, ops assassin on Tracker's payroll, hired to capture, and, if needed, "eliminate," potential hostiles or, as Tracker terms it, "expendable objectives". This psoiopathic madman is who Zion 3 has been sent to take down, and trust me on this one, it won't be half as easy as they think!

Tracker: Is a government businessmen, former Secretary of State and now head of the War Office of the United States Armed Forces and head of the military defense committee.

Note: Bloodlust himself is also the main villain, (and will be a mainstay villain) in one of our upcoming titles, “Lords of Nevada,(LON). All visuals on all these character are bad ass, (and avaible on the Facebook LON Fan Page), even though Bloodlust seems to be the fan fav.

Look for images as development continues! This title is slated for release by the end of spring, latest summer of 2019!

And for a sneak peek of images of the characters and some pages and promo art, just click this link hear to our FS Showcase fan page!

Stay tuned because Future scope Comics is just getting warmed up!

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