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Future Scope Weekly Update: New Character! New Books! A New Comic Division!

2 days before Thanksgiving, as the turbulent year of 2020 winds down! And it couldn't be soon enough, as the year 2020 has been a unprecedentedly, tumultuous one! Pandemics, extreme global civil unrest! Economic crawl.

But here, at Future scope Comics, New and Exciting developments are just getting underway So here's the scope!


FutureScopes Weekly Update Post (This is a new extension of our Online Newsletter Division):

Each week we will give you a direct update on any and everything that is FutureScope Comics, as well as great and exciting FutureScope Comics industry moves! From new books to show appearances and interviews, sneak peek art, and, of course, new, emerging titles and novels, and so much more!



""It came up from the darkness! The horror lore has sparks this! Future scope will starts this! For all to come and see!

THATS RIGHT, all my glorious Gals and Ghouls! Futures Scope Comics is releasing a BRAND NEW DIVISION of its publication line, focusing on just horror titles. The division is called "FS Scares: Tales of Scares and Frights." This will be a section highlighting, launching and making available exclusively horror tales, the first being a fright fest of scares called 3 Card Skully. You won't want to miss that! so dim the light and get ready...too be scared!


This just in! You will also get a Sneak Peek at the first horror book to be released through our new, spine chilling, HORROR DEVISION of Future scope Comics, entitled "FS Scares: Tales of Scares and Frights." The first tasty installment to be released through our horror devesion will be "3 Card Skully, " staring our charismatic curator and neighborhood skeleton, (you guessed it) Skully. In this tasty tale, 5 ruthless bank robbers find themselves in the middle of a possible double cross. As bullets fly and when the smoke clears, it seems all scores are settled, until someone (or something) comes knocking at the door, (and the last time I checked, evil does make house calls)! It's time to pay up! Question is, will the price will be more than any of or characters had bargained for. A Chilling thrill ride, this book will be one not to miss!!!!


Chadwick Boseman: Remembering a true hero and king.

He is the Black panther! He is a motivator. He is a king! The world, and the comic community lost a light and inspiration like no other in the death of one Chadwick Boseman. From his roles in 42, Marshall, upcoming special, Ella, Get on up, and a slew of other iconic figures, (and of curse ticalla aka Black Panther), he has set a niche in the annuals of history and blazed an unwavering and undeniable legacy few have ever done. As a tribute, Futurescope Comics we will be honoring him with a special art image to be released through the Future scope Camp! The unveiling of this will be in 2 weeks so stay tuned. And to Chadwick, you are missed! You are loved! Our king, You are forever!


Honoring those friends and loved one within the independent field:

Every 2 months, at the least (very possibly even more frequently) FuturesSope Comics will be doing a artistic dedication piece to individuals who have passed away, who were (and are) invaluable within the independent comic industry and have touched the heart and imaginations of independent comics by and large (this would exclude the big 2) . These are individual we all have know...and loved. Each image will also be added to the FutureScope Comics and Entertainment Facebook Fan Page Section for all to see and acknowledge.

First up: The one and only, our friend and fellow creator, Robert Garrett.

We will also do a dedication blog to whomever is highlighted for that month, and their image will appear in at least one of our publications.

Well, that is all for this weeks new and exciting update.

Until next time, Peace and love! Be safe!

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