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FutureScopes Presents Jonathan's Quick reads, coming soon!!!

For those who are itching for great, nail biting, quick tales of excitement, fright, drama, or any tales that will keep you pinned to the page, this is for you.

We, at Futurescope Comics understand one thing, times are moving (and changing) at a fever pitch. Technical advancements move at the speed of seconds and are constantly raising the game, and time is becoming more and more of a invaluable commodity. That is why we developed...

JONATHAN'S QUICK READS (UNDER FUTURESCOPE COMIC AND ENTERTAINMENT). This means that FUTURESCOPE COMIS AND ENTERTAINMENT will be delivering a host of various ONE-SHOT STORIES built to be read in one sitting. Each story will fall no more than 22 pages, and will only be pinned down to one book. Each story published will be categorized, if you will, under a specific genera, so that you, the reader and fan can go right to the type of story you particularly prefer. Each story guarantees a mind blowing read and remarkable entertainment.

To see what stories we have, one, at anytime can check our web-site to check for new stories, placed under a menu topic called, you guess IT, WUICK READS FILES, under the category PRODUCTS. The link will also be provided right here.

First up will be a tasty tales called "3 CARD SKULLY," The story IS of 4 thieves who, .in the midst of a double cross, will find themselves in unlikely situation, leaving only one alive. But the worst fate will be knocking on the door, as our reaper, Skully, will be sure to pay that remining one a very unexpected visit and SULLY will be there to collect. With amazing art by Fabio Simao and mind-blowing twist ending, this is one story you don't want to miss!

So don't miss out on these great yarns of literature, coming your way soon.

Note: Updates will be available as post will be placed on the Facebook Futurescope Quick reads, Fan Page also placed here, as well as our blog update and newsletter on your web site as well!

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