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UPDATE: Live from the independent Comic Circuit comes a dynamic and exciting installment of Catch Da craze Podcast!!!


WITH the high-octane growth of CATCH THE CRAZEE Podcast, hosted by the Incomparable Sam "Da Crazee Man" Vera, boundaries are constantly being broken in the podcast field, as new presidents are being set.

Now, there is yet another tier about to be set in the Catch the Crazee platform, as I, former Catch the Crazee member and one of the three original Mas Media Studios Founder will be a



After over 10 years away from Sam Vera's, "Catch The Crazee" publication company, and after the formation of my own business, I, Jonathan Syphax will be doing an unprecedented appearance from where my introduction into the comic publishing industry all began, Catch The Crazee Publications!! This appearance means some truly ground breaking and wild times, and an exciting, informative "Crash Da Craze" episode to date.

Here, you get the Inside scoop on the Jonathan Syphax/Catch the Crazee, and the reasons for why I ventured out on my own to form my own company, as well as a inside scop one some of the genera's most shattering developments coming out of the Future Scope Comics Camp. As well as an inside scoop on one of the most dynamic characters within the Future Scope production world, "Valor" (a character of me as a full blown, excitement packed super hero). Is that wild or what! Imagine "The Diesel," aka, "The Psycho" in Full Comic Print!

Who knows what will come out of the show when Jonathan “Da Phycho” Syphax invades the podcast air waves!

Trust me, you don't want to miss this one!

So, mark your calendars for July 1st month's line-up as Catch the Crazee kicks off with the Psycho one himself, Jonathan Syphax. Just wait for the fireworks to begin!!!!

July 1st it will air LIVE. Click below for further details:

Click the above link and hit attend to make this show the highest watched one to date!

Thank you and catch ya there! Catch Da Crazee!!!

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