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AS the coming month steadily approach, and production upon the "FS Showcase: Versus book: Zion 3 Vs. Bloodlust: Bloodlines" approaches, excitement begins to mouth. But who is this Psycho path killer for hire who is so dangerous and bloodthirsty that the government shipped him off to Cambodia until they decide to let him off the leash and call him for the kill? And what type of true master of death and combat are Zion 3 truly dealing with? Well, here, at FutureScope comcis we decided to give you the true, full background of what promises to be one of the most dominat and popular killers the independent comic would ever unleased! Sit back and rrealx as you get a real, inside scope on the one and only, BLOODLUST!!!!


Name: Shawn "Lemur"Batiste

Parents: Urambi and Sasi "Leli" Batu

Birth Place:

Date of Birth: Unknown, but believed to be to be born somewhere in the 1800s, specifically between the 1850s to 1860s. Weight: Solid 189 Lbs.

Nationality: French, African (Not by blood but tribal affiliation).

Language: English, French, German and some dialects of Spanish Homeland

Bloodlust origin is believed to trace as far back as to the French settlers, on the high hillsides of a village of Ore, France, just a mile south of jesump. His most notable history, though, has been determined to trace to Mali, a province lined along the Africa's Ivory Coast, and his birth place, but, due to the extreme secrecy of the Mali Tribes and the erasing of all African's lineage, (most of which, if not all, was completely removed from the history books by French colonist), such actions left it virtually impossible to trace any Africans history definitively to any one place. His Parents were farmers who lived on the high hillsides of a village of Ore, just a mile south of jesump. His younger brothers name is Philippe. His father was an off shore merchant, while his mother was a local seamstress(something she did on a occasion just to help with finances). Blooldust was dolled over, and admired his father. Bloodlust came from a somewhat well to do family. He was quite fond of the soldiers of the french armies, and hence, wanted to be one of them. His father, although a simple man, thought very highly of his government, but due to the illness, fules, he was not accepted into the French army. To make his father proud, he set to join the French forces and represent proudly the dream his father could not attain. The British colonization of the coast.

Right at the outbreak of the Punic Wars, a 100 year war between the French and the various African Tribes that broke out along Africa's Ivory coast, Bloodlust joined the French army. His younger brother, Samba would join soon after.

NOTE: In truth, this war was simply an attempt for the French to colonize all of Africa and take all minerals out of this vibrant continent, beginning with control of the Ivory coast, in addition to placing a new government over the would be, enslaved tribes. most were massacred in the process.

His mother, who was not fond of war, but dutiful to her husband, did not protest her son's decision. She later decided to join the armed forces as a nurse, much against her husbands wishes as a way to be closer to her son and be more plugged into his welfare. Unfortunately, in the mist of one of the French attacks, all the soldiers, with the exception of the second commanding general was killed and she, having believed to have been killed herself, was left behind. The tribe leader, while cowering the land, seen the nurse still, lying helpless in the bloody dirt, but very much, alive and decided, as a peace gesture, to take her back and give her much need care, as she was suffering from a gun shot wound in the thigh. For weeks she was nursed back to health and, coincidentally, pregnant with yet another son. His father, grief stricken, died soon after.

Bloodlust, shipped to fight elsewhere, got news of his mothers supposed demise and went on an all out blood, rampage, killing any and all Africans in his wake. It was not until he ran into the tribe that was taking care of his mother that Bloodlust would face his superior in battle, but just before the tribe leader was to deliver the final death blow, whispered one name, "fafgu" his mother. The tribesmen brought him back to this village and nursed him to health, connecting them together. Bloodlust felt overwhelmed with joy as his mother held her haled son in her arms. Feeling a debt to the tribal leader, he gave his divine oath of allegiance to the tribesman who saved his mother and brought him in as his own son.

His mother had already fell completely in love with the tribesmen, whose own wife died of syphilis before meeting Bloodlust mom. Bantu, later placed Bloodlust mother to sit at the head of the tribe and appointed her the high priestess. Later his mother would remove her French name, flajjld", and take of that of the tribe, Sasi "Leli" Batu.

As expected of all men in the tribe, Bloodlust was immediately trained in the ways of warfare ; Bloodlust was a quick learner, as his father seen a loyalty and intense savagery, which, he thought, would serve well in defending the tribe against neighboring enemies.

Admiring his father greatly, following his every lead, Bloodlust became a perfect pupil. Then, around Bloodlust tenth birthday, his father noticed a change. His abilities seemed to drastically advance, almost without warning, along with his savagery. He was much quicker than those he fought and much more ancient and strategic, almost having a dark love for battle. Once Bloodlust became a “shange” worrier, he built a pack of bodies at his feet. Due to his savagery, his fathers survived for the next fifty years. This victory would be short lived.

Also, young Bloodlust aging process slowed to a crawl and eventually stopped completely. Many in the tribe though him to be a living God.

On one of the deadliest raid in the Punic War history (later taken out the history books due to the mere savagery of it by the French), French soldiers rained in and opened up hells' gates! His mother was drug through the woods by horses and ripped apart. His father was cut open and laid at the base of the village alter. The remaining tribesmen and family, his sisters and brothers were parceled out and taken into slavery. He and his brother, Galie was sold to the work care of a British political family, only to be then sold back to a French family, all of which still resided in Africa after the colonization. Bloodlust and Galie, for the moment, worked hard; until one day Bloodlust planed the murdered of his master, wife and three daughters, one age five, second eldest nine and the youngest, only four months, while still in her crib.

Along with his brother, he fled back to a colonized Africa and joined the Fulin resistance, mercenary soldiers, kept under the ruler ship of dictator, Sava “Felipe” De’reuernt who was running for a presidential seat at the time. There, he and his brother rose up the ranks to become special force for the French ambassador’s army for the entirety of the election. At this point Bloodlust point history was erased, along with his brothers' . Once ava “Felipe” De’reuernt was assassinated, his army was dismantled, but not before Bloodlust, along with his brother, was enlisted into the United States Special Forces. He, along with his brother was given a new identity, social security and a new name, Shawn “Lemur” Batiste by the US government. This would lead to his alliance with Dutch, which would follow through a slew of bloody excursion missions ,which would ultimately leave him in the villages of Brazil, and back to Dutch’s doorstep.

Bloodlust Tribal Lineage

Nuw wubi had many children before Bloodlust mother:

Bloodlust has seven bothers in total. Samba is the youngest boy ( Bloodlust being the second eldest). After him is his next eldest brother, Galie, followed by further older brothers, Benji, Diego, Kali, Osie and Bako. There are also a total of seven girls, Abeje, Shia, and Cuwa, another daughter, Sisi, Adabella, another followed by five other daughters, paki, Sade, Chifundo, layla, Nya.


Bloodlust is a vicious predator, trained in all types of warfare, hand to hand combat and is fully capable of handling any weapon or derivative of it to precision. He is a master technician, unpredictable, but mercilessly accurate in killing his target and gathering any and all and Intel, retrieving techniques.

Furthermore, he is a true sociopath! His endurance and strength are remarkable, each gaining veracity as stress is placed upon him. In addition, he is almost impenetrable, having the ability to take in any pain, anger or emotional and transform them into raw, physical energy, then project that life-force back at his intended target, either through a physical strike, act of aggression or centralized energy.


Two stainless steel (virtually indestructible) nine inch,-4/16 Parry knives, heavy duty mixed with a Whenstone T Huge mixed with an outback bowie knife (all silver, brown blades). This is a black handle, thinned, all silver knife with a black trim running the edge, meeting the point and coming back down behind the blade. Its point is razor sharp. Bloodlust had it widened, customized to do more damage.He also carries a kimber, stainless steel; gold combat customized 45 AC pistol handgun, with a gold handle, and pearl white, full size model. It has a 5 match grade barrel and a magazine capacity of 45 ACP carriages; it stands as a pretty large handgun. Its weight is 39oz with a length to 8.7, government issue.His third weapon of choice, although it can be heavy and cumbersome, is a Smith and Wesson, Bush Hog Kukri machete. Razor sharp, Copper, curved handles all black, silver trim on blade, string loop on Handel.

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