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Emerging, Cos-Play sensation, "Veronica Foy," turns Futurescope Comics' character into

If there are any murmurs by comic fans upon seeing their favorite characters virtually coming to life through the wonder of Cos-Play, then one is best to believe that character is, or has MADE ITS MARK! But what you have very unlikely seen is that phenomenon fleshing out an INDEPENDENT COMIC CREATORS own character, whether it be a GOOD GUY or, even better, ones favorite independent comic VILLAIN.

Well, thanks to the super cool, Veronica Foy and her equlllaly rad, husband, Dave Foy, this seemingly unlikely occurrence is quickly shaping up to becoming a reality within the FutureScope Comics World!

Nope, I am not foolin' you here, my amazing Futurescope fans, and here's the kicker folks, it will be one of the characters appearing in my upcoming coming book series, Lord of Nevada (LON).

Yes! one of my originally created( and owned) characters will actually be immortalize in full, "Cos-Play Glory."

Vespa: Enchantress of Death

ENTER: VESPA. She is one of Bloodlust's 6 person(s) assassin crew (in this case woman) who are also part of the Futurescope, Comic, Character line up, Joined by Vortex (the daemon, hell hound, gate keeper and ancient sorcerer) , IMPACT (The muscle of he group), HELIX (Vortex's primary hell hound), ELLIPSE and NIGHTSHADE (doppelgangers/shape-sifters who happen to be the demonic children of the cosmos most sinister, Exiles council leaders, EMNAL). Vespa is nothing to be trifled with. She is also the second in line of the crews power hierarchy and lover of Bloodlust.

And, as sure as I am here typing this update, you will see that Vespa pacts quite a punch!

I can not give away too much, as the primary focus is the actual Cos-Play development, (and what fun would giving away the secrets prematurely really be)? What I can tell you is that Vespa is just as deadly as Bloodlust himself with a mystic link that date all the way back to Nefertiti.

And there is no on better person to add such style, grace and intelligence to this soon to be classic female villain than Veronica Foy.

In addition, Veronica Foy and Dave Foy is building their own Cos-Play marketing business, capturing the very best in the Cos-Play culture.

"One sight to rule them all"

This is a new site featuring amazing cosplay models, awesome tutorials and meet-ups guaranteed to give you the biggest nerdgasm you can imagine!

A few of the site features will include:

Veronica Foy at Ultra Comic Con in Miami, Florida (2019)

Online store for models and vendors to sell their items

Forums for the community to seek advice

Model event calendars and a feature to inquire for model bookings

Vanity urls for models

Model blogs and galleries

Additional marketing and promotional opportunities

And more!

So sign up now to be a part of this new community.

Made by cos players for cos players.

Just click this link below!

Updates to the actual developments to the costume and info on Veronica Foy can be seen on these links:

Futurscope instagam:

Futurescope Twitter page.

So keep your eyes peels and your independent comic radar attunes, because once you see this Cos play, you will be hooked!

Look for new developments and until next time, Welcome to the Future!

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