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In this high octane, mad-cap world of comic book hero’s and sideline stories, there are always charged trends that make us, the comic fanboy and overall comic book connoisseur stand up and take notice! It could be something as simple as someone in a Pokey man costume (man or female), or as breathtaking as a full-blown, Game of Thrones built themed landscape with a dragon peering directly at you, daring you to feast your eyes upon and enter his domain, if you dare.

But, what is rarely seen, but considerably more mesmerizing, is when a creative, cos-play force literally raises eyebrows at every platform they grace, setting an electrical presence that screams, to the viewer a clear cut push of innovation, coupled with an atmosphere of dynamic entertainment that marches into the future and decree’s, we are here to stay!

Well, while attending the Ultracon in 2018, I came face to face this wave of change.

WELCOME TO THE TOUR DE FORCE cosplay company KNOWN AS “COSPLAY DAMES”, a new, cutting edge, Cosplay Company highlighting a slew of breathtakingly energetic, COSPLAY DAMES Company, coupled with a host of cool, COSPLAY GENTS who is creating a new, exciting edge to the hole, overall, scene.

Owned by the cool, dynamic duo of Veronica and David Foy,

this husband and wife team take no shorts in creating the coolest Cos-Play costumes any Coplay fan will every lay their eyes on, complimented with an overall positive energy that will captivate any comic fan in the world of Cos-play itself.

David and Veronica actually are relatively new to building the Costumes company, and delving into the Cosplay culture overall. In fact, the actual getting into the cosplay scene began just last year for them, as to, with the launch the inception of the company.

Veronica Explains:

"I actually started getting into the cosplay last year.!!! I did not know what cosplay was until now, she says. Bu” I have been having been an artist since I was 9 years old, I have done everything from computer animation to illustrations. I always want to express my art in different ways and did not know who to do so when I found cosplay last year, I was able to solve problems I could not in the past and every day I improve myself and challenge myself to become better."

But what, exactly is Cosplay Dames?

Cosplay Dames, as Veronica explains “is a website design by cosplayer for cosplayers to have kind of like online convention. You have your own gallery, store and likes. However, convention owners will have the opportunity to get cosplayers, photographers and vendors from our website and see the ratings other conventions has given that person. This improves on the likes that anyone can by a rating system can only be seen by the convention owners. We grantee everyone in the website. For vendors, photographers and cosplayers can get booked by each other and this will bring variety to local and international conventions.

Be the real you…” is their overall motto, “…no matter what universe and reality it is."

I do understand, upon first glance, this global phenomenon would possibly lead one to believe that Cosplay, in and of itself, is exclusive to a specific type of personality, class status, gender, etc., but that is not the case. Rather, as Veronica Foy so eloquently expressed...

Cosplay is a community of people from all walks of life. I love the cosplay community there is good and bad like in every family. However, I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to have a great community of people that push me and inspire me every day. Cosplay to me is the art behind it and the story the character tells.

Veronica very 1st cosplay was Wonder Woman for Tampa bay comic con 2018. I she actually made it out yoga mats and, admitted with a warm smile that, “she did not know what I was doing. “It broke in the middle of the convention before I meet Yaya Han so I got my wonder woman scarf and cover it so it you could not tell.”

But what, among so many other things, that astounds me is their unwavering dedication to the costume building process both Veronica and David have, and the comment they give to you, the fans to do their very best possible to replicate, with absolute precision your favorite, or would be favorite characters.

Not all costumes are as difficult and time consuming as others, each requires a tenacious dedication to quality that would test most people’s commitment to Cosplaying in the comic convention scene and beyond.

Both Veronica and David explained the process, and just how much works it takes to complete costume. I asked them just how much time does each costume take?

It depends on the cosplay I am making. However, so far, I have made cosplays form 2 weeks to 6 months or more. So far, my favorite character is Vespa. The challenges each character presents are getting the right look and to make the character make it look real. Also, Vespa was extremely challenging for me because she is an evil character and for me as a person even though villains are my favorite It's hard to get into character. After make-up and dressing up it takes me a few minutes to get in the character so when I walked around in Megacon 2019 this year with Vespa it was so great because everyone was so impressed and all I got was amazing reactions from everyone on how great I looked. This made me very happy because its character that is new and getting people to look in to independent comic book artist is an amazing feeling knowing the character.

But, to me, it would seem one of the greatest challenges must be working together as husband and wife. Veronica, as expected, gave a great and insightful response.

The advantages are that we are at home so we can craft wild we promote and post our work online. The challenges are that we are both come from creative backgrounds so we don’t always agree however we always support each other. I think since he cooks, has a secret formula to make me compliant. I am joking. My secret is not to hold any secrets from each other and, to professionally know that we each have knowledge and can learn from each other."

Cosplay Dames was not the only monumental moment that come out of Florida, Ultracon.

This, I am about to tell you, in of itself, was literally a storybook business narrative.

As I said, I had attended the UltraCon Comic Convention located just a 10 to 15 minute drive off of Miami Beach. For those of you who might not have known, this is the coveted home of South Beach where, Party filled nights, gorgeous people and wild adventures become common culture in this laid back, Euphoric, beach setting.

Although the show was a great experience, the fan flow on the floor was touch and go. As a result, I was graced with the presences of a nice lady, whom had her own comic company and table closer to the door. She walked over and asked me if I wanted to switch tables; at an attempt to work together to try to drive more traffic to each other’s table. She, along with everyone in that section, happen to be cool as shut your mouth). Unbeknownst to me, David and veronica’s table was right across from my new table. David stood at the table with a cool, easy going posture, as he was wearing a bad A**, Hawkeye, cosplay outfit, while Veronica was kicking butt and taking names in her tough as nails, Wonder Women Cosplay costume. Then, to my surprise, Veronica came over, extended out her hand and introduced herself; I was instantly welcomed by here, not just in meeting her, but I felt, into the whole convention and cosplay scene. We proceeded to talk, as I meet the very cool, David Foy, and found out more about what Cosplay Dames was really about. I then invited here to look through the prints of each of my characters. She looked through, complimenting each.


“Who’s this?” she asked, and pointed to an image of a sexy goddess holding two ancient daggers as she places her finger up to her lips, shushing the onliooking fan. I smiled and told her...

“…VESPA, she’s one of the villains on an assassin team called the BLOODLPACK, and the girlfriend of the psychopathic, specials forces killer, BLOODLUST.” Then she said something I did not expect.

“That’s the one! That is my next cosplay. She rocks. I have to cosplay her.” She looked up at me and asked, “Can I Cos-Play her.”

Sure, I answered, blow way by the mere notion that she would even consider cosplaying any one of my characters. So, we sapped info and, I left it at that, not thinking that she was actually serious.

I mean, I’m not Marvel, Disney, DC, or any big name (at least not yet, but give it time, he he.). I’m just an independent creator at a comic convention with a portfolio of 11 x 17 images of my characters, an incredibly entertaining notion that I can do this thing and build a huge and extremely lucrative (foolish notions of grandeur, I know), independent comic book and Entertainment Production company and way too much time on my hands. Ha.

The next thing I know, not even a week later, Veronica contacts me on face book with, get this, CLOTHING FOR THE COSTUME ALREADY MADE! I MEAN, I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! NO WAY IS THIS HAPPENING!). I immediately written her back and told her how cool she and David were just the coolest people ever (about 100 times. I really couldn’t believe they were actually going to cosplay something little, old, independent me had created). And from there, we were off and running.

But I was still curious, so I asked her, “what is was that drew her to that character?” She had this to say.

Vespa Just looked like a total bad ass! I asked Jonathan her background I identify with her I love the fact she was a villain. I asked tons of question and I loved the way she looked. I ask Jonathan if he did not mind me cosplaying Vespa. It was simple I feel in love with her look and it was for me an honor to do this for an independent comic book artist. At that point I introduced myself and my husband and told Jonathan about cosplay dames and what we can do for Jonathan and the character.

I actually will be taking Vespa on a tour Megacon 2019, Tampa bay 2019, Dragoncon 2019 and Holiday Mitsury 2019. I see people asking where is the character from and what is the story behind her. I want the character to get attention to the upcoming comic book series. I want the character to be in a magazine, so it creates buzz around the comic book and I want to see other cosplayers to make Vespa. I see myself doing more and more photos and I see this as an opportunity with artist to start getting cosplayers form our website to start producing the characters for them and make real. In the world of cosplay, I want Future Scope Comics and Entertainment be known for the amazing stories and characters. Most importantly I see a future with Future Scope Comics and creating more characters for them and keep promoting them.

The future for both CosDames and Future Scope is blindingly bright.

In addition to the Cosplay Dames, Web-Site, Veronica and David continue to adding more cool and elaborate costumes to the mix. The Cosplay Dames company, overall, is growing at a blistering pace! They are lining up a full convention tour where various cool, cosplay characters will be shown, as well as VESPA, and Convention tours are being book as we speak.

But one of the biggest pluses (AND HIS IS HUGE), is that Future Scope Comics will have Vespa in the first issue of LORDS OF NEVADA (aka LON). It will be completed by no later than the Summer of 2021. But just to wet the pallets of the fan, the “FS Future Scope Showcase Versus Book # 1: Zion 3 Vs. Bloodlust: Bloodlines” pencil pages is in completion, and being colored with final touches as we speak. It will be released "THIS SUMMER FOLKS!" This book will highlight BLOODLUST (Vespas' lover and leader of an assassin squad called THE BLOODLPACK,” that Vespa is second in charge of). He will be going against the three people team of ZION 3, led by Ra. This group is the descendant of one of the commanding soldiers of Hannibal. They are given three mystical weapons, Ra (an axe), Lady Havoc (a spiked bat), and Wraith (a magic, pulse firing shot gun). This brawl will be epic, as it is going to be a cover to cover, 32-page, head to head brawl.


But the best part is that this book will have a special, limited edition, “Cos-Play cover of Vespa, portrayed by, none other than Veronica Foy, for all Cosplay fans. Ids that sick or what?

The revealing of this cover will be in a week.

So, where does Cos-Play and Future Scope go from here?

As far as we want.

Veronica Foy said it best, as I leave you, for the moment, with her words:

I will like cosplay to evolve into a community for independent comic artist, for video game designers and developer and cosplay designers to have a community like cosplay dames and army

of cosplayer at their disposal to hire them to create characters

for them for conventions or parties.

So, there it is, your scoop on this Mega force called Cosplay Dames and the explosive developments in store for the Costume’s(cosplay) and Future Scope fans, and all the cool stuff each will bring you, individually and collectively in future months to come…and further.

This is Future Scope blog Signing off. Keep Cosplaying and welcome to the world Of Cosplay Dames and future Scope comics. Peace.

P.S: Don’t forget to keep checking back on both the Cosplay Dames and David Voy, cool updates, the FS Showcase Versus Book# 1. Zion 3 Vs. Bloodlust: Bloodlines.” And the Cool, limited, cosplay cover with the amazing Veronica and David Voy.

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