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MAS Media Studios and Joe Holley at the East Coast Comic-Con, Blast-Off!!


What this means is that the overall excitement and energy that you've all grown to love from Artist, Joe Holley and Mas Media Studios is back!!

The independent, comic creators, band of brothers, Joe "The Artistic Flow" Holley (aka) J-Ho, and MAS Media Studios has returned and are bigger and better than ever!! Consisting of Jorge "The Dreamer" Medina, Anibal "The Animal" Arroyo and Jonathan "The Psycho" Syphax, MAS are charging back onto the Independent Comic Convention Scene!!! And what better place to do it than at “THE EAST COAST COMIC CON,” which will be running from May 15th to the 17th, @ The Meadowlands Expo Center in, none other than Secaucus New Jersey!!

This is huge. NO! THIS IS EPIC!!

Joe Holley and the MAS Crew, will all be presenting our "COMIC CONVENTION, KICKOFF REUNION" !!!

In addition, all the great creator owned products that both Joe Holley and MAS Media have will be on display and available for purchase!


First up...




"Wonder Duck," ...

along with more goodies to come!!!


"Lil Steve's Closet"

This family treat revolves around a young boy named, (you guessed it), Steve, who does not want to clean his room. Why, you may ask? He just wants to go outside to play.! Reminiscent of the classic, "Witch and the Wardrobe" books by C.L. Lewis, this fun, kids friendly adventure allows the parents to enjoy the reading process with their children, while expanding their child's vocabulary and imaginations. So get ready for this great book, as the adventure begins!

Amazing Anthology, "Cryptic: Urban Tales of Fright"

These tasty tales of fright provide` a modern twist on the classic horror genre, giving it a very cool, urban take. We get various types of scares that will make any lover of horror be more than satisfied with this book. So sit back, keep the night light on (only the night light, if you dare), and get ready to sleep with one eye open. This book is full of fright and fun!!!


FS Future Scope Showcase: Celestine Prelude: and other stories.

Yep! You heard it right!

This Prelude story to the independent classic, "Street Journal" will now answer the fundamental question all fans have been dying to know. What began it all?! What events led to the first issue that crafted this urban, independent classic? Well, the answer is right here in this book. And trust me, when you find out the answer, YOU WILL BE FLOORED!

But that is not all! You're kick butt Heroine, Celestine is back to wipe the forces of evil from the face of the earth and push the nastiest of daemons right back in their place! Very today and extremely hip, this comic story, Celestine will let each comic reader know that no evil will hurt the righteous or threaten what is precious and just!!!

Next tale is...

Zion 3: The Rise of The 3

This one lets you get an in-dept look at how Zion 3 received their powers, ( each of which are decedents of a solider who fought along side Hannibal in the Second Punic Wars). You will also see the Origin of their three weapons, and witness the battle which set their destinies in motion! These 3 warriors will be instant favorites among comic fans. Once you see their initial accension into their power, you will be hyped for the next story arch!

Last but not least....



3 small town losers must face off against a gang of werewolves who are distributing drugs that transform the locals into crazed monsters. Trust me, this adventure will keep you on the edge of your seats, and the best thing is, it's told, Joe Holley style!

Pretty :

Here, a man left for dead, comes back from the grave and becomes a murderous modern day urban legend.

Along with other great products and Original Art work form Joe Holley Himself!!!

And that is not all:

...there will also be sneak peeks of future, mind blowing products from the crew, along with original art!

And, of course, we have some great stuff for the kids as well!

THIS JUST IN: there will also be a huge, interactive, "bonus incentive." This is so big, that I can't even let the cat out the bag just yet! You will just have to stop at the Joe Holley, MAS Media table too find out what it will be! Trust me, it's big!!!!

This gala, comic event will also have some of the BIGGEST names in the comic industry as well, including:

Chandler Riggs of the mega hit show, Walking dead! Al Milgrom, creator of Firestorm. RED DEATH REDEMPTION cast, Roger Clark and Wiethoff. THE WARRIORS REUNION featuring Michael Beck. Richard Brake of GAME OF THROWN Aka (KING KING). Simon Bisley (LOBO Artist) and Keith Giffen (Co-creator of LOBO), just to name a few.

(put names)

So make sure you mark your calendar for this one, as the booth extravaganza will be in full effect. You are all invited!

More developments will be posted as we near the event, so check back here and see ya there! And don’t forget some cool goodies, exclusive for East Coast Comic Convention, as well as Joe Holley and MAS Media products and a host of other incentives and paraphernalia!

Here are some links to some great webs sites and fan pages of each dynamic creator!!!


Jorge "The Dreamer" Medina

Russ 5377 Web-Site (Official)

Russ 5377

Russ 5377 trailer ("Official)

Wonder duck

Animal "The Aminal" Arroyyo

"Lil Steve's Closet"

Cryptic: Urban Tales of Fright

Jonathan "The Psycho" Syphax

FutureScope Web-Site (Official)

Facebook Fan-Page

Zion 3

Joe Holley

Facebook Art Page

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